Courtroom Skills Training

Courtroom Skills Training

Giving evidence in any environment, such as a criminal court, civil court, tribunal or hearing is a stressful experience. Even for the most experienced witness, every time they give evidence requires planning, preparation and considerable thought as to what their evidence is and how it will be explained. Once giving evidence has been experienced it is never forgotten.

Barnsley and Barnsley have designed a Courtroom Skills course which explains the process of giving evidence in each of the above situations. This is a one-day course which has a focus on the key aspects of giving evidence in a clear, concise and straightforward way. The course can be adapted to meet the requirements of any organisation.

Our trainers are all experienced in the preparation and presentation of evidence in the criminal and civil systems.

Training Content:

Our one-day course consists of identifying the circumstances that those in attendance will be required to give evidence and discuss their concerns.

The types of courts and hearings will be explained, and the differences identified. The setup of the courtroom or hearing room, the roles of those involved in the process and the practical aspects of giving evidence will all be discussed and explained.

The other modules of the course are:

  • Decision Making
  • Recording Information
  • The use of witness statements
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Use of notebooks
  • The sequence of questioning by those in court
  • Use of appropriate language

We use practical exercises throughout the day, ending with a practical exercise enabling the participants to experience giving evidence in an environment similar to a courtroom.

The course is aimed at the following roles:

  • Specialist Reporting Agency (SRA) Investigators
  • Police Officers
  • Experts
  • Military Personnel
  • Police Support Staff
  • Experts
  • Private Investigators
  • Social Workers
  • Human Resource Officers

and many others involved in the gathering of evidence to be heard in court or hearing situations.

Course Duration

1 Day – or as required by the organisation


Costs are available on request by contacting: