Barnsley & Barnsley delivered three courses on Personal Safety & Conflict Management to investigators from Fife Council. The courses were held on the 21st, 22nd and 27th of March 2018 in Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.

Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Likelihood
  • Impact
  • Risk reduction/mitigation

 Decision Making –

An introduction to decision making models;

  • Gathering Information
  • Assessing threat and risk
  • Policies and legislation
  • Options and Contingencies
  • Action plans and reviews


Based on the tools developed in Day 1, participants will work through scenarios, including;

  • Home Visits
  • Cars and Vehicles
  • Additional risk factors – mental health, alcohol, drugs etc..


Lone Worker

The additional considerations to be implemented for lone workers including specific aspects around communication and the use of technology

Conflict Management Introduction

  • Background to conflict
  • Triggers to aggressive behaviour
  • Understanding customers’ needs when they are angry
  • Stages of conflict escalation
  • How our safety can be compromised

Recognising rising anger

  • Reading signs and symptoms of aggression
  • Managing conflict ‘flashpoints’

Responding to conflict

  • Understanding our natural response to conflict
  • Understanding the impact of ‘red rag’ words and phrases
  • Managing our body language during conflict
  • Staying calm and managing our own responses

Managing conflict

  • Structuring and controlling the conversation
  • Listening and calming the situation
  • Acknowledging difficulties and customer emotions
  • Managing unpredictability (drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc.)
  • Saying no effectively
  • Handling abusive behaviour
  • Solving the problem