Barnsley & Barnsley recently delivered a 5 Day Investigators course to officers of Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Council Environmental Health and Licensing Departments. The course was held in Inverurie Town Hall.

We had a great group of investigators from Environmental Health and Licensing on the course, delivered by our experienced associates and lead trainer.

The course consists of:

George Barnsley – Scottish Courts and Reporting to the Procurator Fiscal, Investigative Interviewing, Schedule 8 certification, Disclosure, Criminal Justice (Scot) Act 2016

David Moffat – The role of the Investigator, Types of Evidence, Decision Making, Reviewing Investigations and Briefing

Owen McDonach – Evidence Gathering, Seizing and Securing evidence, Search logs and Production management

Iain McPhail – intelligence Gathering, National Intelligence Model and RIPA/RIP(S)A